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Bidsonline specialises in developing professional auction software products for the auction industry. Agile and powerful tools for Auctioneers | Easy & Simple for Bidders.

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We designed our webcast and live bidding system to keep up with the speed of the fastest auctioneer. Our ‘auction clerk’ program is PC based so we get a much quicker response and of course it is designed to be used on a touch screen.

Pre-Auction bidding

Bidders can place pre-auction bids using our Timed Online Auction system with the highest bid and maximum bids automatically carried over into the live web cast auction. The system automatically bids on behalf of those bidders with autobids using the same increments as the auctioneer. Pre-auction bids can be entered right up to the minute the live web cast starts.

Live web cast

We use the latest WebRTC technology for broadcasting audio and video internet bidders hear and see the auction a fraction of a second behind the auction floor. Due to our unique bidding server an internet bid is instant. Watching some of our live web casts you will be amazed how quick an auction can go when just internet bidders are bidding.

Bidsonline’s live web cast auctions over 70,000 lots a year.


Designed to engage internet bidders our web cast allows for a combination of live video, YouTube video or revolving photographs. We use YouTube videos for our cattle auctions: in the pre-bidding the bidders see a live view of the cattle with a voice over by the assessor but during the live auction the bidders see the video and hear the auctioneer. A car auction customer uses an iPhone to broadcast a live video ‘walk around’ the car pointing out any scratches.

Microsoft’s Azure

All our web cast auctions are run from Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers this means we can quickly increase capacity for large auctions.

Vendor says sell!

A vendor using Bidsonline’s vendor reporting system can monitor your auction and send an immediate message to your auctioneer to sell or refer the bid.

On the Market

As soon as the bid reaches reserve they auctioneer can trigger an ‘On the market’ message. Auctioneers tell us that bidding activity often increases when they know the lot is going to be sold.

Customer experience

“I just wish to thank you and your staff for all the support and consideration you have placed in helping Aingers to get our online live auctions going. We have certainly had a number of issues but you have been very attentive in getting each one sorted out.” Ainger Auctions , December 2020.

As with all new customers it takes time for staff to learn the system, making sure that their TV screens are connected properly and that data is accurately transferred from their system to ours. Support is what we do – when there is a problem with a live auction, usually internet or equipment related, it takes priority because we know the stress the auctioneer and staff are under.

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