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A back-office system for auctioneers, EasyBids is an operational and financial system for truck, plant, industrial equipment, art, antiques and collectable auctioneers. Fully integrated with our Timed Online auction and Web cast auction systems.

Asset classes

Using EasyBids asset classes allows you to customise the consignment program to describe your lots in a consistent manner. For example when booking in a vehicle the progam will ask for the year, make and model but for an artwork the artist, medium and size. You can setup your own database of products so the booking in staff just select from list boxes rather than have to type. To cope with 1,000 lot auctions you need your processes to be efficient.


Enter a search term, tiles for example and all those consignments have have ‘tiles’ in their catalogue descriptions will be listed. One click and they are automatically lotted in the auction. You can, of course, select each consignment as you go or if you print barcodes using your tablet scan them to compile a catalogue.

Bidder registrations

Not all auctions are on the internet – many auctioneers and bidders prefer the traditional auction. EasyBids helps you quickly register bidders when they arrive. Just enter their driver’s licence and if they have been before their name and address is displayed on the registration form.

Trust accounts

Each state has their own trust accounting requirements. EasyBids manages the payment to vendors and keeps a trust ledger for each consignment. It also tells you how much you can draw from the trust account for your commission and fees.

Customer experience

“I wanted to let you know everything worked well and we had a very successful auction. Your system is great. As first time users we had some challenges but we got through it and everything worked really well. On a personal note, you have been wonderful. You have guided us through everything with patience and expertise. Thank you. I have recommended your system to 2 other auctioneers who are using another system.” AuctionWorks.

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